ESL Fuels

Having recently undertaken a company name change Environmentally Sustainable Liquid Fuels, (ESL) appointed Gencia to help implement a new brand strategy and web presence. We were delighted to meet the challenge.

Since its inception, ESL Fuels have been at the forefront of creating innovative, environmental and sustainable liquid fuel products – for example, they were the UK’s first HMRC approved producer of biodiesel for road fuel.

However, within the confines of what is a fairly conservative market, Gencia had to meet the challenge of defining what really makes ESL different. Our process enables us to find ESLs’ unique position in the sector and reflect it in a new visual identity and accurate and consistent messaging.

For the new identity we were tasked with creating a symbol that explained, in as simple terms as possible, what ESL Fuels does.

To visually articulate ESL Fuels’ position as the liquid fuels market leader in technical innovation, Gencia created a scientifically themed brand that instantly portrays ESL Fuels’ technical expertise and commitment to creating bespoke liquid fuels, within an environmental, sustainable and ethical framework.

It was clear from our research that ESL Fuels had a high degree of technical expertise and have been consistently creating innovative liquid fuel products for the heating, road and marine markets.

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