Flying Colours

Flying Colours was established in 2015 by one of the co-founders of Octopus Investments. It was created to offer consumers a way to access financial advice and investment management without compromising the quality of advice and investment solutions needed to help clients reach their goals.

Gencia were tasked with helping Flying Colours cement its position as a leading player in the sector.

Gencia created a vibrant and flexible identity that uses the company initials creating an arrowhead illustrating movement and dynamism whilst also taking inspiration from the shape of a wing, which symbolises upward movement and, of course, the ‘Flying’ in Flying Colours.

It was also important for the new brand to have a simplified colour palette while remaining flexible, modern and easy to apply. The new brand guidelines streamline the production of communications that are fully compliant with FCA regulations and establish a flexible and consistent visual language that is instantly recognisable.

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