Operating Centre

Creating a document store that enables financial professionals to easily access all they need to run compliant, efficient and profitable businesses.

Gencia was tasked with completely over-hauling an archaic document store that was leaving thousands of users frustrated on a daily basis. Organising the current catalogue of compliance documents, as well as enabling the client to easily upload and categorise new documents meant creating a digital solution that focused on multiple user perspectives.

With 8,5000 end users accessing over 5000 documents and a team of 80 SimplyBiz staff managing the uploads, creating a UX where not only finding the item one was looking for was intuitive but the administration of this vast system was straightforward was our solution.

Simplicity and legibility were the key to making this document store easily navigable. Creating a clean interface with identifiable icons for the myriad of documents housed within the system, means the user never feels overwhelmed when looking for that one specific item they need.

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