Park Place

The Park Place Corporate Finance team were searching for more than just a new website – they were looking for an agency that could bring a unique perspective, understand their message and translate it into a succinct, cohesive brand.

Park Place knew their 10-year-old website no longer accurately represented the structure, identity, and personality of their business. The problem was they didn’t know exactly how to go about communicating their unique proposition to prospective new clients

To help solve the problem Gencia held a virtual workshop, interviewing a number of Park Place clients to understand their perspectives. By analysing the responses, we extracted the core attributes that clients felt were most important to them, prioritising in order of importance to create the brand positioning and core messaging.

It became clear that Park Place’s independence within the market enabled them to provide a unique perspective to clients when it came to providing corporate finance advice. Their team also received many glowing reviews from previous clients around the way in which the Park Place team fostered personal relationships and always “had their client’s back”.

To reflect this, Gencia created a graphic animation to emphasise the company’s ethos of ‘Uniquely independent corporate finance advice.’

It’s the personalities of the individuals at Park Place that drive the strong relationships with their clients – a perspective welcomed by the partners who were keen to share the spotlight with the entire team.

To showcase this, Gencia art directed a photo and video shoot to capture the true charisma of this small but genuinely convivial team.

Taking cues from the re-designed logo and by using a single rounded corner in the main message panels, we’ve created a simple, professional visual language that accurately reflects Park Place’s personality as a dynamic, approachable organisation.

And it isn’t just the visual treatment that defines the brand. Specialised financial copywriting ensures Park Place speaks to their clients with a friendly, succinct yet professional tone of voice.

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