With over 15,000 advisers already using their market-leading fund ratings research, RSMR were keen to open up their service offering to a wider audience.
Having worked with RSMR for over 7 years, Gencia has developed a deep understanding of the business operation. Over that time, the RSMR website has grown into an expansive, content-rich research hub and ease of navigation has become ever more important.

Wanting to capitalise on their success, RSMR recognised that it was time to re-assess the entire site to see where improvements could be made.

Being leaders in fund research, it wasn’t hard to convince them of the value of our own research when re-designing their website. We undertook an extensive competitor benchmark which helped us identify the common conventions to follow when solving particular UX issues in this industry.

We also delved into current user behaviour to determine which pages were most important and guide us in creating a content hierarchy.

All this enabled us to re-organise all the existing content into a more streamlined and user-focussed structure, allowing users to access the content most important to them much more easily. We also opened up more of the content, with only fund research requiring registration – whilst streamlining the registration process itself to encourage more take-up.

RSMR also have an extensive annual events programme which includes, conferences and online webinars. As part of this re-design, we incorporated their separate events website into the new structure, offering users a more cohesive experience.

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