SimplyBiz Investment Services

The investments landscape is complex and constantly changing, so creating a website that enables advisers to get straight to the support they need requires a unique perspective.

Having grown organically over several years, SimplyBiz Investment Services was failing to engage with the advisers seeking online support in this ever-changing and complex market. The site had become bloated and although it was full of market-leading investment research, financial planning tools and support, it had become impenetrable for users.

Fixing the problem would take more than just ‘a lick of paint’ – it needed rebuilding from the ground up, with a completely new structure for the content and a cleaner user experience. Gencia generated a new site map, created low-fidelity prototypes, and tested them with SimplyBiz members to ensure an optimum user journey.

The result? More member engagement, fewer support calls and less time for advisers trying to find the quality content they need to support their advice process.

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